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Adger Cowans

Black Art Auction is pleased to present a unique, first of its kind retrospective exhibition and auction of the paintings of Adger W. Cowans.  At 87 years old, Adger has been a trailblazer in the fields of painting, printmaking and photography for the past 60 years.  While the notoriety and exposure of his photography and printmaking has been at a high level for some time now, the presentation and availability of his paintings has been mostly private, at a measured pace.  This event will bring to the market 80 exceptional works, representing the various styles and methods he has employed since the 1960s.

The auction will be a timed event, beginning June 15th and ending July 13th.  Each week, throughout the course of the auction, we will be presenting special features and additional information, including photos, essays, and interviews to provide an insight into the life and work of this amazing man.

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