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An Abstract Painting By Mae Engron

Mae Engron (1933-2007)

Mae Engron’s work was recently featured at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art (Ft. Wayne, IN), in March of 2021, in a special exhibition titled, “Treasures from the Vault: Mae Engron” (the museum acquired a work by the artist in 2021).  Engron was born and remained in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Similarly to Alma Thomas, she came to art later in her life.  She was married and divorced, raised children and worked for the postal service for 7 years before obtaining her BFA from the Herron School of Art (Indiana-Purdue University Indianapolis, IUPUI) in 1984.

Jill Moniz, a representative of the artist’s estate provided a statement from the artist: “I paint the way I feel.  When my life is in order and everything is running smoothly, I paint geometric.  When I’m down I paint lines.  When I feel love I paint flowers.  When Im feeling easy, I paint flowing paintings.”   REF: Treasures from the Vault: Mae Engron, Lauren Wolfer, Associate Curator of Special Collections & Archives.

In 1991, Mae was included in “There But for Grace: a tribute to pathfinders and visionaries”, a group show of nationally recognized artists at the Gallery Tanner in Los Angeles, CA.  

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